We are a boutique London-based law firm providing client focused advice in our core areas of legal expertise: commercial litigation, sports litigation, personal injury (e.g. concussion-based injuries) and professional negligence.

Football Disputes

We represent a number of professional and amateur football clubs in various disputes regarding the cancellation of games, weather delays and TV contracts.

Playing Contracts

We advise professional sportsmen and women from various sports on their playing contracts and sponsorship deals.

Regulatory Disputes

We represent various sports teams and individuals regarding regulatory disputes they have had with sports governing bodies and / or regulatory entities.

Personal Injury

We currently represent over 250 former sportsmen and women in respect of the brain and non-brain injuries they have suffered whilst playing a variety of contact sports, including rugby union, rugby league, hockey and football.

A specialist in sports concussion law

We are the leading law firm in the UK on this matter. We are working with some of the world’s top neurologists to provide the most comprehensive legal and medical advice for our clients.

Top lawyers with a wealth of experience

We have a team of litigators with top quality experience in our core areas of expertise.

UK-wide coverage

Our central office is in London, but we currently represent clients from across the UK. We are happy to take on cases from anywhere in the country.